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PuRuiSiTong high class long acting antifreezing solution


The characteristics of the product

This product is developed by using of grease type terylene grade high quality ethylene glycol, imported additive with original package and leading technology.

Please rinse engine cooling system thoroughly with clean water and renewal defective component before use.

Amount for adding is about 95% of cooling system capacity to avoid overflow caused by thermal expansion in use.

In cooling system of car, truck, engineering machinery and imported vehicle


Item -25℃ -35℃ -45℃
Density (20℃)(kg/m㎡) 1058 1062 1072
Freezing point -25℃ -35℃ -45℃
Boiling point 107-108.3℃ 107-108.3℃ 107-108.3℃
PH 8.40 8.50 8.75