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PuRuiSiTong full synthetic gasoline engine oil


The characteristics of the product

It is based on synthetic base oil and imported compound additive;

Unique wear resistance technology, reduction of noise and prolong of service life of engine;

Excellent cleanness and dispersing property;

Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance, durable quality;

Suitable for SN grade imported or home-made cars and SUV, for example, Ferrari, Porsche, Benz, BMW, Audi and Volvo.


Item 5W/30 5W/40 10W/40
low-temperature dynamic viscosity(℃)(mPas) 4000-(-30℃) 5100-(-30℃) 5500-(-25℃)
kinematic viscosity(100℃)(mm2/s) 11.53 14.00 15.50
pour point℃ -36 -38 -34
flash point (opening)℃ 220 220 215
sulfated ash content(mass fraction)% 0.93 0.90 0.91